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Maksym Tkachuk
Kyiv | Ukraine

Every “To Be” dreams to become “As Is” after release

Maksym Tkachuk The KID, sudo.education, D9 , founder
Max is developing Service Design in Ukraine. SDN Ukraine Chapter initiator, NNGroup Usability Week graduate, Max is evangelising Iterative Design approach in post-USSR since 2010. For recent years Max has developed Design Maturity Model for Organisations, and now is building Kyiv Institute of Design with prime focus on Service Design development in the region.

To me, service design means...

Service Design today encompasses several definitions. My take: service design is the iterative process of designing services from both points of view — customers and employees, making both matter and prosper. Also, i'm curious about – How to make SD grow rapidly in developing countries – How do big enterprises transform their movement toward service mindset and relevant organisational structure – How do different roles and expertise merge under SD umbrella – Legacy affordable graceful workarounds

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