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Andriy Milinevskyy
Kyiv | Ukraine


Andriy Milinevskyy CX design, Strategic Service Designer

Hi there! I worked at CEO and C-level positions in international telecom, last job being Chief Digital Transformation Officer. I was introduced to Service Design by my mentor - Santiago Argelich - and initiated creating an In-House Service Design practice. I loved it and in 2016 co-founded service design agency CX design. 

I enjoy doing Service Design projects myself, averaging 4-5 a year, and with the team as well. I also consult on designing and executing company and functional - sales, product management - strategies, with some of the assignments spanning over few years. 

I am fond of teaching and run open and corporate Service Design courses, based on solving real business cases. I also lecture and mentor on Customer Development in startup incubators

I admire design of the objects, doing small bits in architecture and hoping to one day present the world with my own chair :-)

To me, service design means...

The enjoyable practice of creating and re-creating excellent services, products and experiences for all stakeholders

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2020 Service Design Day in Lviv

Lead workshop on Research, Presented Case and on the Panel

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