Service Design Marathon

Learn how best organizations around the world design excellent experiences for their users!

Join us on daily talks - from April 22 until May 5.

Every talk is about the real case: from the context and challenges to insights and outcomes:

  • how the bank made contracts both readable and applicable?
  • how immigration service helps people to trust robots?
  • how the bank designed one solution for everybody?
  • how mobile operation increased retention rate and save on customer service at the same time?
  • how to tailor service design for innovation and start-ups?
  • ?.. (more topics to come)

Please share the event so that more people learn about human-centred design applications!

The Marathon is free for all. Please register so that we know how many people to expect and how to keep you posted on Marathon updates:

Award-winning cases from various industries: finance, government, telco, education, IT services, healthcare, retail and many others to be presented by service designers from across the globe.

If you have a service design case you want to share with the global audience, please fill a short form for the speaker:

"In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not" (Albert Einstein)

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