Chapter events - Ukraine

Learn how to create best in class customer experience and spot opportunities to introduce new services or products with the help of Lean Agile principles and Service Design mindset.

At this 3-hour workshop, you will deep-dive into the consumer’s expectations of the product versus the actual experiences of the product delivery process. The techniques presented will enable you to provide additional value to your customers, leading to loyalty, trust and brand advocacy. In the course of the workshop, you will find out more about the approach, and how it can reduce costs and drive growth. The benefits of our approach ultimately translate into an uplift in KPIs for consumer conversion, acquisition and retention. 

December 10, 2020, at 4:00 – 7:00 PM CET.  

Note: the time is stated in Central European Time (CET). Please check the time difference for your own time zone. 


  • Business owners and leaders.  
  • Product owners, product managers and business analysts.
  • Team leaders and team members developing service offerings.
  • Chief designers moving to omnichannel service offerings.
  • Trainers and coaches.
  • Other professionals who want to learn how to create better product and service experiences.


Prior knowledge (technical or design-related) is not required. The workshop caters to a wide range of professionals who aim to improve their existing services and deliver better service or product experience to their clients. 


The workshop consists of 2 parts: 

In the 1st part, we will tackle real-life business challenges and will go through all the stages of Service Design like empathic interview, customer journey mapping, identification of real problems of the customers and brainstorming of possible solutions.  

In the 2nd part, we practice prototyping a Minimum Viable Product, test it based on real customers’ needs, and learn to receive early feedback and use it to improve services or products. We will also implement validated business case using Agile methodology. Finally, all the participants of the workshop will go through the simulation loop from general problem to a ready-to-use solution. 


By the end of the workshop you will know what service design is and how to apply its principles to develop holistic service experiences. You will learn how the service design process benefits from agile, lean and will be able to articulate ideas, communicate effectively with your customers and quickly plan for tests for experiments with your service or product. Moreover, you will gain valuable hands-on experience on how to develop impactful, customer-centric solutions through numerous case studies, and practical exercises. 


  • Overview of Service Design, Agile and Lean principles and tools.
  • Customer centricity and Design Thinking: research and interview. 
  • Business and organizational agility.
  • Teamwork and dynamics.
  • User testing.
  • Real-time cases to apply new knowledge.