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Future probing: How to help organizations to become more anticipatory, to sense ‘signals of the future’, making sense of them and use them.

Future probing: How to help organizations to become more anticipatory, to sense ‘signals of the future’, making sense of them and use them.

During this SDN NL event you will learn about Future Probing, a new method developed and practices by Summ( )n agency.

Future Probing helps organizations in exploring possible futures and supports their strategic innovation projects. Using Future Probing, teams can sense the ‘signals of the future’ from multiple domains, make sense of them in a collaborative manner, and creatively apply their insights and anticipations converting them into tangible results already today.

Summ( )n will present the rationales, the Why’s behind this method, and also specific tools (the How’s) used in their work. Future Probing has been used with a wide range of clients worldwide, including service industries, and a few specific cases will be discussed. Special attention will be paid to the application of the method using online platforms.

The presentation of Future Probing will be followed by the discussion of its possible applications by the service design practitioners.

Slava Kozlov is a co-founder and director of Summ( )n, the Netherlands-based partnership of practitioners who help those who strive to create the ‘new’ ( Summ( )n guides and supports strategic innovation projects, helps its clients to challenge the existing order of things and prepare for ever more complex worlds of tomorrows. Since 2014 Summ( )n is a member of a global design research network Reach. Prior to Summ( )n, Slava worked with Strategic Design team of Philips Design in the Netherlands.

Katerina Khomenchuk is a co-founder of Summ( )n, a communication professional with a focus on new, cross-platform communication, leading to innovative changes in companies. She participated in numerous projects helping companies and organizations to shape their new communication strategies, both external and internal, leading to positive changes in organizational cultures and in social fabric at large.


This event is aimed at service designers and managers who want to add ‘future thinking’ and ‘future doing’ methods to their toolkits. How can you help your clients to create more future-proof services? How can you make your own service design practice to become more adaptive and resilient? These are the questions that you will gain insights into after this event.


This event will be hosted online. Those who register successfully will be emailed a link to participate in the videoconference two days prior to the event. Please join the waitlist if the event fills up, because we may choose a different videoconference platform and open more spaces.

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  • 18:30 (CEST ) Event begins
  • Talk by Slava (demonstration of Future Probing, including the use of online tools)
  • 19:30-20:00 Panel and Q&A session
  • 20:00 Event ends