Service Design Network was founded in 2004 to strengthen the theory and practice of service design. As a predominately volunteer-driven organisation, we execute our mission through the content we create and share, the events we host, the communities we bring together, the awards we bestow and the outreach activities we undertake. Thanks to our ability to work conjointly with an engaged community of passionate professionals, academics and curious innovators, SDN is raising the profile and application of service design to the betterment of business, government and society at-large.

We are the SDN

We are the network for service designers across the globe. We come together to learn, share and grow. Our network is equipped with knowledge and experiences that are timely, inspiring and real-world applicable.

Our value proposition can be summed up by the three fundamental principles:


Our members and fans feel a sense of belonging to our inspiring, innovative and future-oriented community. We share the same vision and are equipped to be the change agents working towards a better world.


Our members and fans know that within our network you can always enhance your knowledge, find the right tools and not feel alone in this journey. There is support whenever and wherever it is needed.


Our members and fans know that being a part of our community will trigger growth and increased visibility. We help you achieve your goals.


The Benefits of Membership

The SDN is the #1 platform to share your background, gain valuable knowledge, access essential tools and simply be inspired.

Wondering the best ways in which to participate? Attend our annual global conference and take advantage of online and in-person presentations, workshops, and hands-on training from some of our industry's leading voices. Publish your case study on the SDN website, contribute an article to Touchpoint (the international journal of service design) or become an active member of one of our boards. The opportunities we offer are here for the taking!

On top of that, thanks to a global network of chapters, members are provided multiple occasions to connect with local, like-minded practitioners eager to add you to their network and support you in meeting your business objectives.


There is Power in Numbers

The influence that the SDN has as a lobbying organisation and advocate of our industry is unprecedented.

By working together as a community, our combined efforts have strengthened the awareness and interest in service design and taken us close to a status of, "the new normal."

Become a part of something important. Join us and ensure our practice continues to grow its global profile for society's greater good.


SDN Team Members

Adam Cochrane (he/him)

Adam Cochrane (he/him)

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