Service Design Award 2019 - Finalists

The SDN is incredibly pleased to announce that this year's Service Design Award finalists have been selected by our international jury of service design experts!

Over 100 projects were entered this year, facing higher submission standards than ever before. Twelve projects in the three categories of Professional Commercial, Professional Non-profit / Public Sector, and Student stand as our 2019 finalists and represent the international benchmark for world-class service design. It is thanks to their exceptional work and project contributions that we are taking our industry to new levels.

The Service Design Award 2019 Ceremony will take place at SDGC19 in Toronto on October 10, 2019.

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Service Design Award 2019 - Professional Finalists

Service Design Award 2019 - Professional Finalists

Laboratoria Mobiele Alternativen - by Twisted Studio

Category: Professional Non-Profit/Public Sector

Client: Netwerk Duurzame Mobiliteit / Komimo

Location: Belgium

Summary: LaMA is short for Laboratoria Mobiele Alternatieven. It is a co-creative design process developed to find creative and simple solutions with great impact on mobility issues in small cities.

Transforming a Social Security Organization through Service Design - by UC Design School, Brandbook and SurAndina Consultores

Category: Professional Commercial

Client: Caja de Compensación Caja Los Andes

Location: Chile

Summary: Compensation Funds are private non-profit organizations of the Chilean Social Security System, whose purpose is to provide social benefits and products that favor the welfare and individual development of their affiliates, pensioners and their families. Companies are able to join the Compensation Funds free of charge, and their collaborators become affiliates who are then able to access the benefits offered.

Lift the Lid - by Good Innovation

Category: Professional Non-Profit/Public Sector

Client: Alzheimer's Society

Location: UK

Summary: ‘Sex and intimacy’ in care homes is an often taboo and neglected subject that has a significant impact on the wellbeing of people living with dementia and their families. Our organisation was engaged to help a non-profit organisation within the healthcare sector.

Designing a viable land for future generations - by With Company

Category: Professional Commercial

Client: Government/Ministry

Location: Portugal

Summary: After almost a century, and several failed attempts to establish a coherent rural land identification and registration system across the whole of Portugal; a cooperative initiative between different Government sectors was created in 2017. This initiative had one goal: to finally understand who owns what, and where.

Crack the code: How one school demystified programming - by Kuudes Kerros Helsinki Oy

Category: Professional Non-Profit/Public Sector

Client: Supercell

Location: Finland

Summary: How service design was used to create a new kind of coding school in Helsinki and radically change people's perception of computer programming.

The Evidence of Design 2.0 - An Impactful Service Identity Designed with AI - by Hellon

Category: Professional Commercial

Client: Mandatum Life

Location: Finland

Summary: This case is an illustration proving how The evidence of Design 2.0 – an impactful service identity design with AI is a case reference proving that machine learning models can seamlessly support the work of service designers and successfully forecast the business impact of specific design efforts. This understanding can be used when making decisions on where to invest.

Heart Failure Self- Management Program - by Healthcare Human Factors & eHealth Innovation

Category: Professional Non-Profit/Public Sector

Client: In house project

Location: Canada

Summary: Heart Failure (HF), the inability of the heart to effectively pump blood around the body, takes a serious toll on a person’s life. For people living with HF, walking up a few stairs leaves their heart pounding, lying down makes it hard to breathe, and their lives are instantly turned upside down by a prognosis of only a few years left to live.

How service design plays a vital role in the transformation journey of a Brazilian insurance provider: from a brick-and-mortar business into a health-insure-tech - by Seguros Unimed

Category: Professional Commercial

Client: Seguros Unimed & Sistema Unimed

Location: Brazil

Summary: Traditional insurance markets have been suffering a setback by reason of new business models such as peer-to-peer, on demand, pay as you go, as well as due to innovative interfaces and other touchpoints that inflict less friction to the user journey.

Service Design Award 2019 - Student  Finalists

Service Design Award 2019 - Student Finalists

Xplore - by Sebastian Gier

Category: Student/Umea Institute of Design

Client: BMW Group

Location: Germany/Sweden

Summary: The project was set to design a service concept around long-distance driving (one-hour or longer). A strong focus was set on user research, touchpoint identification and how they could be re-imagined.

Clarify: Early guidance service for separated parents - by Natalia Carrasco

Category: Student/Royal College of Art

Client: Government/Ministry

Location: UK

Summary: The project focused on the current experience of financially and emotionally struggling British citizens who require support in cases of familial separation and child custody, but are not entitled to benefits.

Journey: A Post Death Settlements Service - By Carina Lim, Mireille Lee, and Zhang Hanwen

Category: Student/National University of Singapore (NUS)

Client: Government/Ministry

Location: Singapore

Summary: Unfortunate circumstances could occur at any given instance — we will never know when we might lose a loved one. At that point of time, many would be at a loss of what to do.

Service design to improve women's maternal healthcare services in Nepal - by Ida Christine Opsahl, Julie Nyjordet Rossvoll and Nora Pincus Gjertsen

Category: Student/Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Client: Green Tara Nepal

Location: Norway/Nepal

Summary: This service design project was conducted as a master thesis project for three design students. The project concerned using service design to improve women’s maternal health in rural Nepal and resulted in a new health service co-developed with users and field experts.