This year's theme: Service Design at Scale

Service Design has moved beyond the basics, from the sketchbook to spreadsheets, and is now not so unusual as a business practice. Non-designers and designers alike are embracing the mindset that service experience matters, that we can no longer work in silos, that customer value and business value need to be balanced, that we need to move quickly, but be aligned and have a clear picture of what we’re trying to achieve.

In essence, we are taking Service Design to new levels. The next step forward is to deliver Service Design at Scale. Through continued practice, widespread capability building, and successful implementation of service strategy and execution, the face of organisations is changing to deliver great experiences for customers and employees, and business impact for the organisations that deliver them. 

SDGC17 will address the following topics as well as other interesting content we are preparing for you. We look forward to seeing you in Madrid!

In these past years, we’ve witnessed how design has been driving a revolution at scale. Now we want to zoom in and zoom out on the impact of Service Design and its implications for individuals, companies, communities, cities and governments. We are asking ourselves:

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  • What are the implications of and opportunities for growing design, either in-house or as a result of mergers and acquisitions?
  • What are the implications of scale for a human-centric discipline like design?
  • How are you building design capabilities within your organisation? How do you keep coherence in Service Design practices when scaling design?
  • ­­­­­How are non-designers contributing to the Service Design process?
  • What are the barriers and drivers that you’ve experienced in your attempts to scale Service Design?
  • How might we adapt design in the new environments of big data, IoT and machine-to-machine communications?
  • How might we adapt design to new disciplines and activities?
  • How might we integrate feedback loops into pre-existing services?
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  • What are the different narratives to sell Service Design and how do they fit into different organisations?
  • How does the narrative change depending on the target audience?
  • Whether internal or external, how have you been able to articulate the value and build relationships to get Service Design done?
  • How are you piloting larger programmes of work to gain traction and prove the value of Service Design?
  • How has Service Design contributed to changing the culture of your organisation or the organisations you work for?
  • How have aesthetics and beauty contributed to the success of your Service Design solutions?
  • How might we scale the impact of design beyond the most commonly expected outputs?
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  • How might we strive for desired results of scale and anticipate undesired consequences?
  • How are you measuring results? How has your design work influenced the business model?
  • How has your work challenged, changed, or influenced the creation of service systems?
  • Do you have any experience of failure at scaling design?
  • How are you aligning and fitting design (sub) goals, processes, activities, tools, etc. to expected business impact?
  • How are you filling the gap between the project deliverable and providing the real service?
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  •  How has Service Design contributed to changing the culture of your organisation or the organisations you work for? 
  • How might we impact corporate strategy and organisational structure with and by design?
  • How might we fit customer centricity with business when scaling design?
  • How might we better communicate the relationship with other design functions and roles within the organisation?
  • Is Service Design breaking silos and creating new organisational structures at scale?
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  • How has Service Design improved the lives of those you serve?
  • How might we co-create a city ecosystem of services for citizens?
  • How might we influence the largest scale issues through design?
  • How has your work led to innovation and differentiation?
  • How much have we moved from a role of problem solving to one of problem exploration?
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  • What have we learnt in these last 10–15 years?
  • What kind of evolution should we drive for the future?
  • How might we deliver services based on agile methodologies?