Why partner with us?

We are renowned for our impressive yearly conference - a tradition made possible thanks to our partners. 

Our pursuit of creating an occasion that offers the highest level of content, experience and opportunity for attendees is paramount and it is thanks to your generosity that allows us to consistently deliver on that. We, in turn, are pleased to offer potential SDGC19 sponsors a multitude of compelling packages, premium events, marketing concepts and on-premise exhibition opportunities focused around enhancing your business profile to a network of industry experts, academics and thought leaders.

Take a look at our sponsorship brochure to check out sponsoring opportunities that not only provide your company with keen visibility and loads of positive publicity but also premium access to a network of engaged and eager service design professionals.

The several exciting sponsorship packages we offer are designed to be easily modified to fit your company's needs. Whether interested in having your name aligned as a full-blown partner or taking ownership of one of our premium packages, we have an abundance of opportunities from which to choose!

Special Notice: Our sponsorships are flexible; therefore, we encourage you to reach out and discuss any ideas or concepts you might have to ensure you show up at our event in a manner most fitting for your brand.

Want to know more? Check out the compelling packages in our sponsorship brochure.


Join the group of our Sponsors! The Service Design Global Conference 2019 is proudly supported by:

Born in the Nordics with teams all over the world, Digitalist is a customer experience innovation consultancy with leading-edge capabilities in brand, design, technology and CRM – partnering with our clients from ideas to life.
Fuelled by insight and innovation we future proof businesses through the ultimate fusion of high tech and high touch. Working as silo-breakers, we challenge our clients to think beyond their boundaries to capture the opportunities of our era, growing the value between people, businesses and greater society. Because the future is co-created.
More than Metrics

More than Metrics

More than metrics, a dynamic start-up team from Austria, develops software for companies that want to enhance the customer experience with their product, service or brand. Their tools enable teams to playfully collaborate for innovative CX management and service design. 

Tesla Amazing

Tesla Amazing are the creators of Magnetic. Inspired by the great inventor Nikola Tesla's experiments with static electricity they reinvented paper that clings to anything using a stable static charge - a new generation of sticky notes that is truly worthy of the 21st century. 


Tesla Amazing