Networking via Brella ♡ Service Design Global Conference 2019

The Service Design Global Conference 2019 is your opportunity to connect directly with a thriving community of like-minded service designers eager to exchange ideas, experiences, and advice. You'll meet prospective clients, partners -- even future talent -- and grow your circle of professional contacts. And for the first time, we’re thrilled to offer you access to our networking app, powered by Brella.

After setting up your account and preferences, you’ll be matched with like-minded attendees. From there, you’ll be able to set up as many meetings as you like.


Meetings will take place in a designated area in the event venue. You’ll exchange ideas, advice, and business cards with others who share your interests:

  • Facing industry-specific issues? Identify attendees who work in your market

  • Want to grow your local network? Meet attendees who live in your metro area

  • On the hunt for new clients? Schedule sit-downs with interested attendees

  • Looking to hire new talent? Connect with attendees who are on the job search

You’ll no longer have to wade through a sea of small talk to meet the people you want to meet. Our networking app saves time, boosts productivity, and breaks the ice before the show even begins. Growing your network has never been this easy! 


Please note: All registered attendees of the Service Design Global Conference 2019 will receive their access details, including the App-URL and a join code, via e-mail. Once you get your access details you can immediately get started by setting up your profile on our networking app.