Volunteers play a key role during SDGC. By joining this annual highlight as a volunteer you will become a full member of the SDGC team and complete one shift per day during the pre-conference setup, the exclusive SDN Members Event and on both conference days.

What do you get out of it?

  • Two-day conference pass for October 11th and 12th 
  • Coffee, lunch, snacks and soft drinks
  • Access to the SDGC Reception on October 11th
  • The possibility to get in touch and network with some of the main players in service design

Please note, SDN cannot cover your travelling and/or accommodation expenses.

Who can volunteer?

If you are a student, at least 18 years old and filled with passion for service design we'll be happy to receive your application


SDGC17 Volunteers in Madrid
SDGC17 Volunteers in Madrid

What do volunteers do at SDGC?

  • Speaker and stage care
  • Sponsor care
  • Registration
  • Guide
  • SDN & Info Desk
  • Venue Setup
  • Workshop assistance
  • Coverage of the event in form of Photos or Videos

What happens once you apply as an SDGC volunteer?

Deadline for submissions is June 30 once we receive your applications, we will review them and get back to you as soon as possible with your tasks and details. Once you have confirmed your availability we will be in touch with social media groups and emails.

SDGC17 volunteer Millarey handing out badges at the registration desk in Madrid
SDGC16 volunteer Vincent with a hawker's tray full of durch sweets in Amsterdam

Want to be part of the largest Service Design gathering in the world?

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*Please note, all applications will have to undergo evaluation. Merely applying does not guarantee being considered as a volunteer. 
The tasks described above are just illustrative.