What is Service Design Day?

Service Design Day was launched in 2016 and is a day dedicated to service design enthusiasts - a world-wide event to bring together people from different backgrounds and disciplines. Together, we will celebrate service design, raise awareness and create impact in the world around us. Naturally, Service Design Day should reflect the discipline’s spirit and energy which is why we chose June 1, the beginning of the most youthful month!

This year, the theme of Service Design Day is giving back to the community.

A Cross-channel Approach to Service Design Day:

To stay true to our mission, we are encouraging our network to host events and join online activities to contribute to their local community. The global service design community will help those in need and act for the common good!

We are looking for forward-thinking and community-minded organisations to support us in achieving an even bigger and better Service Design Day in 2019. By partnering with us as a sponsor, we offer organisations a unique chance to align with a high-profile global event that is dedicated to worthwhile causes.

Download brochure to get know all details regarding Service Design Day, our outreach, as well as sponsorship opportunities by clicking on 'download pdf'. 

We are open to discussing further ideas and your involvement, as well as other types of sponsorship/partnership opportunities.

Get in touch: sponsorship@service-design-network.org