Thick is a strategic design consultancy with a focus on health, education and public services.

We design and create products and experiences that improve the lives of people as well as build social, environmental and business benefit. We explore complex problems in collaboration with clients using a variety of modern design methods including service design, experience design and digital implementation.

The broader category of service design provides a practical approach to innovation at Thick that allows the team to approach complex problems inside large systems to collaborate, explore, and develop solutions with impact.

Thick Value

Thick was founded on the principles of Thick Value, a term coined by economist Umair Haque in his book The New Capitalist Manifesto. In its simplest form, Thick Value is a genuine value generated without causing economic harm to people or the planet.

Thick value can be generated through a strategy of minimisation, maximisation or a combination of both. Minimisation aims to reduce our economic and environmental footprint. Maximisation seeks to create valuable products and services that make the lives of people easier and better.

Thanks to an evolving digital landscape and a positive desire for businesses to become responsible global citizens, brilliant innovation is already happening around the world. Thick are riding the wave of positive change‚ encouraging real value, measurable impact and a better, brighter future.

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