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Do you think innovation is needed to remain relevant in the long term and to offer added value to our society? Do you believe that as a society we should act more sustainably?

With us, the PwC Experience Consulting Team, you have the chance to create products and services that are viable for businesses, feasible from a technological perspective, desirable for customers, and that benefit society and the world at large. Using PwC’s holistic approach ‘sustainable innovation’ you can transform the brand, strategy, and products of our clients’ businesses towards long-term relevance.

With us, you have the chance to shape sustainable innovations yourself!

Find your start in Experience Consulting now!

From designing new services and products to reshaping organisations, and everything in between: each sustainable innovation project starts with defining our client's Critical Question which we use as a framework and tool throughout all project phases.

In Experience Consulting, we think about how people will live or shop sustainably in the future, how they will manage their health intelligently or get from A to B seamlessly, how they will collaborate and come together in entirely new formats. We think about how companies can offer more sustainable services to their customers and employees, how they can find new ways to produce and distribute goods, and how they can play a more active role in the sustainable transformation of entire sectors of the economy. And we love prototyping that future, day in and day out. By bringing our ideas to life, we accelerate innovation and market readiness of products and services, for customers, companies, society and our planet. In doing so, we always move between the conflicting priorities of economic efficiency, technological feasibility and customer experience.

Our skillset covers the entire range of transformation projects: from User Research to Business, Organisational, and Service Design; from User Experience to User Interface and Industrial Design to Creative Technology and Spatial Computing; from Brand Strategy to Storytelling, and more.

If you can't wait to help solve the challenges of our time, then apply today - we look forward to meeting you.


Our creative capabilities are transferable across a great variety of industries. At Experience Consulting we explore seven industries. Aside from the areas of responsible economy, sustainable resources and empowered citizens, we focus on four main sectors in which we have grown expertise, act as thought leaders and deepen relationships with our clients.

These four are:

Connected Living

In the world of exponentially growing IoT technologies, we support companies to combine the best of the digital and analog worlds to enhance every step of the customer journey whilst keeping focused on the sustainable impact.

Human Industries

In increasingly automated production systems of today, we design the user experience of the modern production systems to create sustainable manufacturing ecosystems that unlock the full potential of man and machine complementing each other.

Participatory Health

In the highly complex healthcare ecosystem, we create digital tools and processes that empower health professionals to be more patient-centric and work more efficiently at the same time.

Seamless Mobility

Better transportation experiences can change everything. By creating spatial, physical and digital prototypes, we help our clients in the mobility and transportation sectors ideate and validate new products and services more quickly and cost-efficiently.


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