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We strive to create unique brand experiences and value with our customers and redefine business models and game rules for future industries based on design driven breakthrough innovations.

DreamVok is the first spin-off design consultancy company derived from the Industrial Technology Research Institute in more than 40 years. It was formerly known as the Ministry of Economic Affairs Department of Industrial Technology’ s “Dechnology” ( Dechnology=Design+Technology ) team.

Based on 7 years of experience working on over 350 innovative products and service design in the fields of technology R&D, travel, healthcare, finance, and public services, DreamVok developed “Dechnology” innovation methods that combine design, business, and technology.

We follow the 4D service design process and help clients redefine target customer behavior and needs. We connect multidisciplinary stakeholders to build emerging business chains and ecosystems, in order to create new value and experiences . Furthermore, due to rises in the elderly population, DreamVok has focused on the 50+ elderly market to generate products and services that can transform the lives of the aging.

Our name “DreamVok “ is a combination of “Dream” and “Evoke” and suggests “evoking dreams and hopes.” The letter “V” represents our cooperation with our clients and emphasizes the importance of “co-creation” when creating unique value and experiences.

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