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Against the backdrop of the ongoing and intensifying digital transformation efforts, Service Design is a critical capability in bringing this transformation to life.

As Service Designers at Deloitte Digital we address the challenges of today's connected digital world. We passionately identify needs and gains/pains of humans, we transform barriers into enablers, we create solutions which not only impact the business but also inspire customers due to the cohesive and meaningful experience they provide.

For us Service Design creates sustainable and differentiated experiences for the future through a deep understanding of people and organisations. This requires an understanding of employee and customer interactions; of organisation, process, technology and data parameters and of every touchpoint across all channels.

Our Service Design Offering
Service Design helps us to craft the user-centric on-stage experiences of the human customer or client and to orchestrate the back-stage capabilities and sequencing of activities to deliver on that experience. Thus Service Design needs to be involved at every stage of our projects, helping craft strategies that focus both on the business and customer and finally guiding the delivery of these experiences to the end users.

Service Design ensures an understanding of how end-user needs map onto organizational design. This understanding provides clarity and direction to achieve business impact, have a guided exploration into feasibilities and drive organizational change through collaboration and “just doing”.

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