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Brand Manual is a service design and branding consultancy, with offices in Stockholm, Sweden and Tallinn, Estonia. We build brands by turning customer insight into delightful experiences.

Service design = marketing + innovation!

Technology is transforming our lives and for your company, competitive advantage no longer comes from what you do, but rather from how you do it. Quality is universal. To really engage customers, you have to deliver a better customer experience.

So, how then, in a world where all cars drive, all computers work, and all airlines fly, how to differentiate yourself?

It’s not what you do, but how you do it, that creates the customer experience. Consequently, marketing is about what you do, not how you talk about it. Marketing, after all, does not equal communication. And innovation is about improving the customer experience to the point, where your customers talk about you to their friends. 
 Before you buy a TV you google it to find out what other people say about it. But they don’t mention the ads they’ve seen. Instead they describe the experience of choosing it, buying it, using it and getting help with it.

Service design is a method that can help you innovate your product or service to better meet your customers’ needs while at the same time improving the marketing of your brand. This is design thinking, or working and developing products and services like a designer. And this method works. Design led organisations outperform the market by 45%. Furthermore, they are able to consistently innovate and improve services and products that customers love, without sacrificing the core of their brand to every market trend.

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