Service Design is crucial for all private and public organisations that want to innovate and improve their service strategies, offerings and the user experiences. The Service Design Network (SDN) is the platform to connect you with like-minded passionate service designers from companies, agencies and universities, and with curious innovators who embrace and apply this approach for the better of their organisations and for people.

Create a pull from the market

The people at Service Design Network promote service design because they passionately believe it is the key to future success in a social and economical sense.

The main purpose of SDN is to build awareness and “hunger” for service design in the public and private service sector and in the world of politics. We strongly believe that by creating a pull from the market for Service Design we will also strengthen our agencies, we will strengthen the opportunities for our academic members, and we will strengthen the relevance of service design in industries. We continue to facilitate communication. We will continue to curate platforms for exchange, but we will – more than ever before – create content that is relevant for the community and for the growth of service design.


Join forces and enjoy the benefits

The SDN is the place to share your profile, to equip yourself with knowledge and tools, and to be inspired for the journey toward a better world with better services.

By joining the community, you will not only have many benefits in access and participation – you will also support the network in spreading the knowledge, creating awareness for service design and enabling many people all over the world to learn about it and apply it.

The impact that the SDN has as a lobbying organisation is strengthening the discipline of service design – this impact will be bigger the more members and community members we have. As such, we are inviting everyone who is passionate and interested in service design to join and actively engage.


Be an active part of the movement

The more active community members we have, the stronger the impact we can achieve.

Local chapters all over the world are one of the opportunities for active involvement. Be part of the International Service Design day – every year on 1 June. Publish your paper on the SDN website or in Touchpoint, the international journal of service design. Or become an active member of our boards – and talk to us!


SDN Team Members