Congratulations - we created an even more impact than 2016

We loved being a part of the 2nd international Service Design Day! Congratulations to everyone who got involved because you managed to make an even bigger buzz than last year, which means more people than ever now know about the amazing power of service design!

Our #ServiceDesignDay feed and twitter account have been flooded with inspiring pictures and posts celebrating the unique and growing discipline that is service design. Thank you for using your creative energy and sharing your events, campaigns, cakes, post-its, presentations, finger hearts, tools, touchpoints and many other innovative activities!

Service Design Day Stats:

We managed to achieve over 4 million impressions through over 3 thousand social media posts by hundreds of people around the world who wanted to shout loud and proud about the power of service design!


SDN Chapter Celebrations:

Some of our awesome Chapters held events or social media initiatives around the world to raise awareness, educate and celebrate service design. Here's a few of their exciting activities:

  • @SDN UK hosted #SDN_UKChat  live on twitter at 6pm GMT with people from across the UK and beyond discussing 5 key questions about service design.
  • SDN Finland held a relaxed, after work meet-up with everyone who wanted to learn more about service design. They held expert talks and launched their new local service design training initiative.
  • SDN Turkey brought their local community together to celebrate and co-create the future of service design in Turkey!
  • SDN Japan held a co-creation discussion session about the local service design scene and considered possible solutions to issues being faced in Japan.
  • There were inspiring tweets throughout the day from SDN Germany about their chapter development and design process.
  • Great to see SDN Brazil celebrating Service Design Day with inspiring talks and discussions by local experts in the field.


Education, prizes, drinks and service design chat with
Education, prizes, drinks and service design chat with - SDN Finland
Co-creating the future of service design in Turkey!
Co-creating the future of service design in Turkey! - SDN Turkey
Hosting an event
Hosting an event - SDN Brazil
Celebrating Service Design Day
Celebrating Service Design Day - SDN Brazil
Recognising excellent services
Recognising excellent services - SDN Germany

Service Design on the airwaves:

We were delighted by the international and collaborative spirit of service design day shown by two of the best Service Design radio shows in the world: WhyServiceDesignThinking guested on the Service Design Podcast to discuss Service Design in Los Angeles.

Make sure to give the June 1st bonus episodes a listen from both podcasts for three thought provoking international interviews and three great case studies!

There were many other amazing initiatives around the world we would love to explore and use as inspiration for Service Design Day 2018 in the coming weeks!

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