Kickoff of the SDN Poland Chapter

The new SDN Poland Chapter started it's activities with a bang and created quite the buzz in a very short time when entering the scene. Now they are sharing how they managed to generate 10.000+ views with a few messages resulting in creating a regional service design community of over 200 members within a week.

Just a few videos, some posts, and our message about the launch of Service Design Network Poland Chapter have spread at a speed of light across the Polish community of professionals. What made it possible that in a matter of days our content generated around 10.000 views? How have we created a community of over 200 members in a matter of a week?

An idea to create a Polish chapter of SDN sprouted in our heads about a half a year ago and it became even more apparent to us during the global SDN conference in Madrid. Living in different parts of Poland and even of Europe (Brussels), we decided for Warsaw to be our basecamp. There we met for the first workshop to discuss our visions for the chapter and our roles within the chapter, and to co-create an action plan for the first year of SDN Poland Chapter. Soon after, we moved our internal communication to online platforms and there we mastered our business plan, which - to our satisfaction - was received with honors (so proud!). This was the moment when the real work started.

The success of our first efforts can be attributed to a multitude of factors. Now it's time to share those insights and experiences with the global service design community.

Read on below to find out about our process of growth and the factors of success we've identified on the way.

If you want to learn more about SDN Poland Chapter visit:

Only a week after spreading the word about the launch of SDN Poland Chapter, we announced the date of our very first open meeting. Using the momentum created by the first news was crucial to attract interest of fellow service designers and service design curious professionals. Aiming to create an event largely based on co-creation, resulting in meaningful insights, we decided to limit the attendance to 40 people. However, as an immediate response to our invitation exceeded our expectations by far, we decided to increase the number of places to 50 and have created a waiting list, which enlarges with every coming day. As of today, there are 30 people on the waiting list and with an excitement but also with some concern we think how to accommodate all the interest the event met with. 

We really want to meet expectations of Polish service designers and professionals fascinated by service design, so that together we can build and strengthen the community!

The success of our first efforts can be attributed to a multitude of factors. First, we created and communicated the vision for the SDN Poland Chapter to the community of service designers in the fore front. It was our intention to build the chapter for designers and with designers! Second, we prepared tailored communication plan and executed it from A to Z. By joining the forces of our team, using native content and exploiting our prebuilt, and private social media channels, we established strong presence of the chapter in the community. Third, we have really engaged in building the chapter and did our best to keep an upbeat atmosphere in the team, even though, at times we have struggled: not every action we took went smoothly.

With the end of April, we kicked off planning the upcoming event in great details. Now, we are in the process of preparing presentation decks, the workshop part and the logistics. Having less than 2 weeks till the event – it will take place on the 18th of May – we do not idle. The motivation is strong: We really want to meet expectations of Polish service designers and professionals fascinated by service design, so that together we can build and strengthen the community!

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