Wrapping up our SDN Kick Grant process

Spring 2016 SDN Finland announced a grant for start-ups. The winners went through an enlightening coaching which allowed them the design the services to meet their customer needs.

Come join our wrap-up session at Idean on April 27, 2017. The grant winners will showcase their learnings and experiences during the coaching process.

You can also read about the SDN Finland Kick Grant competition and coaching process in the Touchpoint 8-3 issue: https://www.service-design-network.org/touchpoint/touchpoint-8-3-business-as-unusual/making-service-design-work-for-start-ups 



SDN Finland Service Kick Grant winners announced on Service Design Day at OP

The winners for the grant are:
MiB Academy 1000 e (later Fambition Oy)
Panda Training Oy 1000 e
Punos Mobile Meeting Systems 500 e

Each grant includes a SD coaching package worth 11.000 and will be run by our member senior service designers pro bono (Paula Bello, Livework; Jaana Komulainen, Atwork; Ulla Jones, OP) and assisted by volunteer junior designers.

Congratulations for the winners and Thank You for all our 19 great participants!

A warm thank you also to our jury, headed by Anne Stenros (IDBM Program Director), Jaana Komulainen (Chapter representative/CEO), Maija Larmo (start-up entrepreneur) and Alex Nisbett (senior service designer Livework/London).



SDN Finland makes Service Design better known and promotes the use of SD tools and methods in Finland. With this Service Kick Grant we offer also start-ups the opportunity to take full use of service design.


We offer three grants:

  1. 1000 e + a service design coaching package worth over 10.000€. 
    Category open for all.
  2. 1000 e + a service design coaching package worth over 10.000€.
    This grant is aimed for start-ups where at least 50 % of the owners are women.
  3. 500 e + a service design coaching package worth over 10.000€.
    Category open for all.

Who can apply?

  • Your company is less than 5 years old.
  • Your company registered or has activity in Finland.
  • Your service business idea has global scalability.
  • At least 50 % of the owners are women (category 2). 

How to apply?

  • Present your pitch for service design in a 2 minute video. Present us your business idea and why your company needs the grant.
  • Submit the following info to us:
  • - Name of the company
    - Name(s), date of birth and education of the founders
    - Year the company is founded
    - Business idea in short (max. two sentences)
    - Grants received from other funding or applications pending
    - Contact details
  • You can send your application in Finnish or English

What’s in it for your start-up?

  •  Get a kick grant of 1000 e or 500 e
  •  Get  service design coaching from leading consultancies (valued in 11.000€). 
    Includes a total of 15 h, 3 training sessions with 1 Senior Service consultant + Junior service designer(s).
  • Learn a new process, methods & tools to clarify your business and your solution
  • Prioritize and focus on the factors that bring most value to your business and to your customers
  • Communicate your key value proposition

 When to apply?

  • Submit your application by May 23 by midnight.

For any further questions email: eliisa@sarkkinen.net or phone our project team:  

Eliisa (050 324 4983), Jaana (040 507 7189), Tarja (046 856 7369).


To get most out of the grant and service design training, you need to be committed to the training. We expect you to participate in the workshops and spare time for related "homework".  The workshops will be held in Helsinki or Espoo, or if possible, on the applicant's premises in the metropolitan Helsinki area.

Our senior and junior service designers are skilled volunteers and engaged to the training pro bono. The senior service designers are

  • Paula Bello (Design Consultant, Livework) 
  • Ulla Jones (Design Strategist, OP Financial Group)
  • Jaana Komulainen (Service Desinger, Atwork)

The jury is composed of merited service professionals 

  • Anne Stenroos, Aalto University School of Business
  • Alex Nisbett, Livework/London
  • Jaana Komulainen, Atwork/ SDN Finland
    The jury
    will gather at the end of May and the grant receivers will be announced on the First International Service Design Day on June 1 (SDN Meet-Up at 17.30 at OP head office, Helsinki Vallila).

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