Call for SDGC20 Host City

SDN is pleased to open the Call for Proposals for cities interested in hosting the Service Design Global Conference 2020!

Calling All Cities: Proposal submission is now open to host the next Service Design Global Conference

The Service Design Network (SDN) is pleased to announce that we are officially accepting proposals for your city to potentially host the Service Design Global Conference 2020 (SDGC20).

The Service Design Global Conference is the annual gathering of 800+ service design thinkers, doers and leaders for a 2-day event dedicated to supporting the growth of service design and the ongoing success of the members who make up our network. The sharing of experiences, ideas and diverse perspectives is unprecedented and thanks to the open-minded and creative nature of the service design community who attend, participants are guaranteed to mark this event as the highlight of their service design year.

Why Host SDGC20?

Playing host to SDGC20 is an excellent opportunity to put your city in the spotlight. We welcome your proposal to take on this high-profile role and to showcase what makes your town so unique to our global community! Because we work in partnership with your on-site team, rest assured, you won’t be doing this alone. The SDN headquarters staff works in close collaboration to provide hands-on support and invaluable advice in the area of project management, marketing, communications, ticketing, etc., ensuring this event exceeds everyone’s expectations.

Benefits to the SDGC20 Host City/Team

  • Free SDGC20 conference tickets (8 total)
  • Opportunity to shape the direction of the conference from the selection of the venue, to the speakers, content and so much more
  • Premium access to 800+ global service design professionals, businesses and academics
  • The profiling of your team throughout our various communication channels, i.e. Touchpoint, the SDN website, conference brochure, social media channels etc.
  • A guaranteed infusion of funds into the economy of your beloved city

Host Team Responsibilities

  • Availability to conduct regular conference calls with SDN headquarters regarding conference strategy and execution
  • Local hotel and venue guidance
  • Support with speaker selection; input and outreach
  • Support with workshop leader selection; input and outreach
  • Sponsorship input and outreach
  • Guidance concerning local expertise for conference design and execution
  • General conference support  pre-, during and post event

Please note that host city proposal submissions will be accepted up until 11:59 PM PST May 31, 2019. Proposals will be reviewed by our board by June 30, 2019, with the “winning” city notified soon thereafter.

Our submission guidelines outline all the details you need to know—so don’t delay, apply today!


Host City Submission Guidelines

  • All host city submissions must be in partnership with an existing SDN chapter or an SDN chapter in the process of applying
  • Names of the chair or co-chairs and key members of the planning committee must be included along with a brief biography for each
  • Insights into the service design community within your city, i.e. how large, how active, noteworthy projects, etc.
  • Have you or other team members attended an SDN conference in the past? Which one? What did you enjoy? What would you look to improve?
  • Why do you feel your city is the best locale for SDN to hold its next conference. What makes it special for our community?
  • Provide us with a list of some interesting venues that can accommodate 600–800 people, including breakouts for 250–300 people and at least 8 workshop spaces
  • What hotels are located in close proximity to the conference venue(s)? We would expect to have options of varying pricing and quality to meet the range of needs of conference attendees (i.e. from 3-star to 5-star accommodations)
  • Insights into potential venues for such events as the exclusive SDN Members Event and Reception, Master classes, SDGC Reception, and SDN Leadership Team meeting

Timing for Submissions

  • All proposals must be submitted no later than 11:59 PM PST May 31, 2019
  • The review of all submissions will take place no later than June 30, 2019
  • Shortlisted cities will be contacted during the review process and may be required to provide additional insights and answers
  • Our goal is to officially announce the selected city during  SDGC19 which will take place in Toronto from October 10-11, 2019

Important Note: We base our timeline according to an anticipated number of applications; therefore dates may fluctuate. Any changes to our schedule will be communicated accordingly.

If your city sounds like a great fit for our conference, we encourage you to apply. Please send us your proposal in the form of a PDF presentation that includes visuals of the venues as well as the city to give us a feel of the conference experience to  

We look forward to receiving your proposal!

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