Find a Service Design Day event near you!

We are celebrating Service Design Day all across the world! Find an event near you today!

There are more ways to participate in Service Design Day than just online activities! You can also go offline and connect with your local community. We are celebrating Service Design Day all across the world in several countries. Find an event near you today!

(in alphabetical order)

Together with Bogotá Service Design Drinks we will be gathering with different agencies that do service design and we will talk about how service design helps to transcend borders.

Buenos Aires
This June 1st we will celebrate the #ServiceDesignDay in Buenos Aires for the first time. For this new edition of the Service Design Drinks we wanted to choose a theme that would represent the impact of Service Design on our daily lives for all of us who live in Argentina, and what better example than in the design of public services.

Chicago: SERV/ Workshop
This workshop will discuss how six sigma can help service designers find simplicity through mapping processes. We will work on how to break down a service system from its core processes to the digital and physical front stage. 

Chicago: Design for Public Service
Three Chicago public service design leaders will share stories of recent experiences designing for public services and engage in a panel discussion. The conversation will explore designing for public services from in-house, studio, and education perspectives.

Wir laden euch herzlich ein den Service Design Day mit uns im LOFT33 zu feiern. Euch erwarten ein leckeres Frühstuck & anregende Diskussionen.

Let’s celebrate Service Design Day together with the new kid on the block!

Den Haag
The second event of the Legal Design Thinking network is all about ‘doing’ as we work together on the case of ‘’. This is a new approach of solving legal conflicts between neighbors which was developed but not yet implemented. Together we will use design thinking tools to dive into this legal problem of citizens and how Burenrechter can make their way forward into the legal system.

Wir feiern den Service Design Day mit einem Nachmittags-Workshop und dem ersten Service Design Talk in Hamburg - hosted by INDEED INNOVATION in Kooperation mit dem SDN German Chapter.

Service Design day is celebrated on the 1st of June. Service designers all around the world are honoring and embracing our wide network and growth of service design in each country.

Mexico city
Este evento reunirá a los directores de grandes grupos financieros para discutir el rol del diseño de servicios en su organización: Bancomer, CitiBanamex, Actinver, GBM y Scotiabank.

Service design is people-centered, breaking the product-oriented business model, it now serves as a full-link pattern to bring products, users, and companies together. There's no breaking no creating! June 1st, SDN Shanghai Chapter will organize a summit and also a party in Service Design Day. Keynote speeches, group discussions, case sharing PechaKucha and Children's day parties will be held. Seats are limited, register now!

For a second time we celebrate the Service Design Day on 1st of June. Only this time the celebration in Bulgaria will take place on the 5th of June :)

6月1日はService Design Network(SDN)が制定した「Service Design Day」です。 サービスデザインネットワーク日本支部 (Service Design Network Japan、以下SDNJ)では、今年もこの日を祝してメンバーズミートアップを開催します!

Washington DC
June 1st is Service Design Day! This year's theme is “borderless” and we choose to show talks/films from around the world about Service Design.

Can't find your city? No worries. 

How about attend one of our online events? 

Serv/ Webinar: Understandig AI for Service Design 
This webinar will discuss how emerging technologies involved with artificial intelligence and service design need each other and how our disciplines are growing together without knowing it.

Join Our Slack Conversation!
Join our international conversation and connect with other service designers around the world! Together, we will share experiences and insights, and engage in a borderless exchange.

Alternatively, organise your own Service Design Day pop up event and reach out to your local community! The SDN German chapter has prepared a guideline on their Seize Service Design Day Meetup format, connect with fellow service design enthusiasts this Service Design Day!


We look forward to celebrating another year of service design with you! If you have any thoughts or comments please get in touch at

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