Call for Confetti Interview submission!

Want to show case your project to the wider community? Now you can! Join us this Service Design Day!

Service Design Day (June 1) is a day dedicated to service design enthusiasts all around the world! We want to bring people together from different background and disciplines. Together, we will celebrate service design, raise awareness and create impact!

This year, we would like to involve our members and showcase the power of service design in practice. We will release short confetti-like interviews (< 3 mins) throughout the day on June 1, about how service design has transformed your local landscape – from your client’s perspective! If you work for a private organization or internally, feel free to get in touch with the end user/benefactor too.

To participate in this year’s confetti interview, please submit a short video response (< 3 mins) from your client/end user on their experience with service design.If your response is chosen, we will give shout out to you, the client, and your company/agency on our social media channels. It is a good opportunity to gain public attention for your work and showcase the service design scene in your community. Some questions to consider are:

  • Why did you decide to work with service designers? What was the experience like?
  •  How has service design transformed your business/organisation?
  •  What was your perception of service design and has it changed?


 Your submission should include: 

  • Link to Dropbox/Google Drive of the video response
  • A short paragraph (<150 words) summary of your project
  • Release form signed by the participant(s) in the video
  • Social media handle (twitter, Facebook, Instagram, website) of you, your client and your organization
  • Any additional link to your project that you would like to share

Please send all required to materials to before May 18th for a chance to be featured on our website as well as social media handles! If chosen, your video response will be released throughout the day on June 1 via our social media handles.

If English is too difficult, we also welcome submission in your native language. Please submit the video response with English subtitle or a written translation.

We look forward to seeing the impact service design is making around the world! Get in touch at today!



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