Chapter events - Switzerland

How to think of digital products in a service sense, and how to become service design change agents in your organization - introduced through examples and backed by research

Most digital tools we use aren't just digital "Products" - they are digital "Services". So what's the difference? And what are the implications? At our January event we will explore how to design for touchpoints spanning the digital and physical worlds.

Talk 1,

Change agents - Adapting services to people’s behavioral models

Innovative services can facilitate both behavioral and cultural change, by removing barriers to people’s actions, widening their choices and helping them to make better decisions. Three case studies will illustrate financial, energy and healthcare services; illustrating approach, outcome and ROI.

About the speaker:

Jan-Christoph Zoels is a founding partner of Experientia, focusing on people’s service experiences to support sustainable lifestyles.

Talk 2,

Addressing Organizational Design Legacies

Every organization struggles with its own design legacies: deeply embedded design principles, methods and practices. For service designers who want to effect change, a first tasks is to articulate and engage with these existing these organizational design legacies. In this talk Sabine Junginger explains the concept of design legacies, and provides an example of how service designers may prepare the ground for high-level transformational thinking through the use of design conversation starters.

About the speaker:

Author of several articles and books around design management, Sabine Junginger, PhD, is Head of the Competence Center for Research in Design and Management at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

Talk 3,

Service Design Network - Swiss Chapter

A short introduction to the Service Design Network, the goals of the Swiss chapter, and membership benefits.