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there is often debate and confusion about Service Design and UX, where there are overlaps between the two, and where they diverge...

At the turn of the 21st century, who could have predicted that service design and UX would even exist?! They obviously do now (thankfully), and though the larger world of "experience design" is still evolving, both service design and UX are, in their own rights, fully-fledged disciplines that play central roles in organizations and communities, large and small. Still, there is often debate and confusion about where there are overlaps between the two, and where they diverge.

We'll start with a short film, Design Disruptors, which will serve as a launching point for what is sure to be a thought-provoking panel discussion on the topic. We'll hear from area thought leaders in the UX and SD fields on their perspectives, see how area organizations' designers collaborate and define service design and UX roles, and gain some insights as to where they think the industries are headed. As always, we'll welcome inputs and questions from our audience members, and we expect some lively and insightful discussion to ensue!


6:00pm - Doors Open

6:30pm - Program Begins

9:00 - Wrap up

Location: Media Barn, 2200 Clarendon Blvd #1200, Arlington, VA 22201

We are very grateful to Mediabarn, our host and sponsor for the evening! Light food and refreshments will be served.

About our panelists:

Keith Deaven is the founder of Mediabarn, a DC-area based company specializing in UX research, consulting and design. User experience first permeated Keith’s DNA back in 1994, when he began his career at AOL delivering digital products to millions of people with a predominant emphasis on ease of use. He founded Mediabarn with those same customer-centered principles, assisting commercial, government and non-profit clientele with every aspect of digital design including user testing, marketing research, product design and building internal UX capability. He is currently active in a number of UX and community-based initiatives and is a co-founder of GoodGovUX.

Joe Garcia is a design strategist at Capital One and is currently situated at the intersection of business, design, and technology. He often works to spot patterns out in the world and translates research into meaningful insights about human behavior to produce provocative new visions of the future. He has an understanding of the product world and works to align teams through research, strategy and service design to find the right fit between the needs of the business and the needs of the customer to inspire and create great experiences.

Jimmy Tran is a Director at Peer Insight, a service innovation consultancy focused on igniting growth for large organizations through design, business strategy, and entrepreneurship. The companies he's collaborated with include Medtronic, DTE, Nike, Behr, Celestica, AAMC, and AARP. Before working at Peer Insight, he was a consultant for Accenture, leading federal sector client teams in the implementation of technology-based solutions.

Amanda Chavez is the Vice President of Design at Cognosante, where she leverages the design thinking methodology to foster a culture of innovation and to scale design thinking principles across the organization. Amanda stood up the company’s design capability and oversees the use of human-centered design approaches to develop innovative products, services, and processes both internally and for Cognosante’s client-facing project portfolio.

About our sponsor:

Mediabarn’s UX capabilities fall into three distinct disciplines: a digital agency, creative placement, and research services. Whether you’re seeking new digital products for your business, new talent for your company or new insights from your customers (maybe a mix of all three), we are capable of providing flexible solutions for all of your digital needs. To learn more, visit us at or follow us on social media: T: @mediabarn F: @mediabarn I: @mediabarninc