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For the first time ever, the SDN New York Chapter is excited to host the designers of our future to discuss their perspective on service design and its impact. The event will showcase the work of several service design students from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

This has been an out of the ordinary year for our society and institutions posing a plethora of fascinating design opportunities. The students of the BFA in Service Design decided to focus on "blue sky" thinking to address challenges related to the longstanding impact of Covid-19 and systems for sustainability in the context of social ethics and environmental impact.

The speakers will share their work in the form of three interactive case study presentations followed by an open discussion to gather feedback. They hope to discuss the future direction of service design with peers, academics, industry professionals, and anyone else who joins us this evening from the audience.

Loose Agenda

** We Will Be Recording this Session**

6:00 pm ~ 6:10 pm: Housekeeping, Student Introductions, and Context

6:10 pm ~ 6:30 pm: Future Logistics with Arundhati Bagrodia

6:30 pm ~ 6:50 pm: Mumu with Shijie Luo

6:50 pm ~ 7:10 pm: La Catrina Project with Natalia Carlos-Trevino

7:10 pm ~ 7:30 pm: Open Discussion


Case Study 1: Future Logistics & Speakers

In the spring of 2020, the SCADPro alliance assembled a small Avenger's team full of logistics experts, industry professionals, and hungry students to explore the future of logistics. During this time, the effects of COVID-19 had pushed our new normal online, however, in spite of the pandemic, we continued to diligently design and explore the human experiences behind logistics.

+ Arundhati Bagrodia (she/her)


Case Study 2: Mumu & Speakers

MuMu is a convenient, easy-to-use and environmentally friendly sustainability campaign, which encourages people to reuse the same shopping bag to protect the environment and get shopping rewards at the same time, in order to form a habit of environmental protection. This sustainability campaign is ran by a union of various grocery companies to reduce shopping carrier pollution. The more you use the same shopping bags, the more contribution you devote to the environment, and the more you will save.

+ Shijie Luo (he/him)

+ Wenjing Zhang (she/her)

+ Lu We (she/her)


Case Study 3: The La Catrina Project & Speakers

La Catrina Project aims to enhance the network of women that exists within the domestic labor in Monterrey, MX, and provide them with tools and tangible solutions for them to receive rights and benefits from their employers.

+ Natalia Carlos-Trevino (she/her)

+ Gwen Krage (she/her/hers)

+ Tamara Castilla (she/her)

See you there :)