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We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! The NYC Service Design Collective is thrilled to help you kick off 2019 with an intimate, fireside-esque event featuring Anne-Laure.

Based on a combination of ethnographic research of service designers, ongoing observations of the evolution of design thinking and service design, and her personal practice, Anne-Laure Fayard will present a "short history" of service design and invites us to reflect on the many forms of design (human-centered design, design thinking, service design, participatory design, etc.). What are the similarities and differences between all these different labels? Anne-Laure will argue that beyond the different tools and methods - of which there is no shortage, quite the contrary, there are a set of core values defining a common design mindset. Rather than codifying different forms of design in rigid beliefs and methods, she proposes a flexible and improvisatory perspective. The talk aims to be a trigger for conversations and reflections on personal practices and perspectives.

Anne-Laure (Associate Professor at NYU) is a qualitative researcher, whose interests involve communication, collaboration, culture and space, with a focus on interactions, particularly those between people and technology. She is passionate about human-centered design and social innovation (which she researches, teaches and practices). Her work has been published in several leading journals and she is also the co-author of The Power of Writing in Organizations. Anne-Laure is the advisor to Design for America of NYU and of the Design Lab @ NYU Tandon MakerSpace.

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General itinerary —

6:00 pm ~ 6:30 pm Grab a Bite (pizza provided) & Network

6:30 pm ~ 7:15 pm Anne-Laure Speaks to Her Research

7:15 pm ~ 8:00 pm Group Discussion (come with questions!)

8:00 pm ~ 8:30 pm Wrap Up, Continued Networking

See you there!

Kathleen, Natalie & Antonio