Chapter events - Netherlands

In this workout 2 speakers will show how service design (thinking) is being applied in circumstances and settings that may be quite different to our own day-to-day projects.

Ron Kersic - ING - Designing for Ecosystems.

Most of today’s design and prototyping tools take for granted their industrial age origins: brands provide and customers consume. For ecosystems, this “customer narrative" is outmoded: participants are not just consumers (or producers) but active "shapers" of a business value proposition that is, essentially, co-produced. This requires use to rethink our design tools more in terms of shapping potential and opportunities than in terms of problems that need to be solved or customer needs to be met."

André Schaminée - Twynstra Gudde - Is Ook

André Schaminée is founder of Is Ook, the design department of consultancy firm Twynstra Gudde. André built a business within the public sector in combining (service) design, fine arts and consultancy. He will reflect on methods and instruments from a change management, coalition building and stakeholder management point of view. 

Cost: Free

Time: 18:00 - 21:00h


Design Thinking Center

Willem Fenengastraat 4C, 1096 BN Amsterdam