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This two day bootcamp introduces you to Service Design Tools & Methods in dynamic and interactive workshops. We provide a practical course delivered through a fun but immersive learning experience.

Service Design is a multi-disciplinary, innovative field that “helps organizations see their services from a customer perspective.” Organisations across the world are increasingly recognising the value of service design in putting people at the heart of thoughtfully designed activities, processes and experiences.

We offer this two-day bootcamp, open to anyone, regardless of qualification or experience, who wishes to develop service design skills and explore how they can be applied across all services.

Participants will acquire an understanding and practice in using some of the key tools and methods of service design, through dynamic and interactive workshops, developing the knowledge of how these methods can be applied at various stages in the service design process. You will be working in teams on a live brief, identifying real problems and using sense-making and ideation tools to produce diverse ideas.

The bootcamp will cover:

  • The use of tools and methods at different phases
  • Examples and case studies
  • How personas and empathy mapping apply to user research
  • How to use journey mapping to analyse and design services
  • The methods of blueprinting
  • How the Double Diamond design model maps onto the service design process
  • The use of brainstorming and affinity mapping
  • The principles and methods of ideation
  • How we present initial outcomes

You will be working alongside business, public sector professionals in local government, healthcare and social enterprises focused on how service design can improve quality and get closer to the needs of citizens and customers.


You can join the bootcamp as a stand-alone two day experience to learn tools and methods on a live project, for an all-inclusive price of £400 - just click on the green Tickets button. Both days will be run at the Gardyne Campus of Dundee Angus College, meeting at reception for a start at 9.30am and finishing at 4.30pm. Refreshments, lunch and all materials will be provided. At the end of the bootcamp, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance.


“I learned to look at problems through the lens of Service Design, I learned the importance of collaboration, of building on each other's ideas, of opening up to new and crazy ideas and ultimately adopting Service Design principles into my work practice and into my day to day life. I definitely got the Service Design bug” Third Sector worker, participant.

"My learning experience was excellent. I wanted to develop service design skills and knowledge and that's exactly what was delivered!" Local Government Manager, participant.

“Thoroughly enjoyed it!! The whole learning process for me has challenged the way I approach things. It has taught me how to use new tools and techniques and strengthened my communication with service users. Overall, it has been a very positive experience with key outcomes arising from tasks which I can use to improve service design within my organisation.” Web Development Officer, participant

Service Design Award

You can also attend the bootcamp and gain credits towards an SQA accredited Professional Development Award in Service Design. This is a unique programme of study provided by the Service Design Academy equipping you with introductory skills and knowledge to apply service design methods and tools in your own professional domain, and improve your career prospects as more employers seek service design skills.

Joining the bootcamp as an accredited course involves an additional online briefing, pre-reading, additional self-directed study and assessment activities - a total of 40 hours (including the bootcamp, which is however not essential to attend to gain the accreditation) and costs £600.

To secure the accredited Professional Development Award in Service Design requires the completion of three additional short courses. You may be eligible for funding support to study the award.

Full details of our other bootcamps, joning the bootcamp as an accredited course, the PDA in Service Design and funding support is available here.


If you are using your ITA funding to part pay for this course please contact Alison Duncan at info@sda.ac.uk to book your place.