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A 6 days immersive learning experience on the theory and practice of service design

We worked a lot on the research to then provide some solutions, that from the outside might look very simple, but that in reality were revolutionary for the client - Chiara

Service Design South 2017 is the 12th edition of a successful course, first taught at University of the Arts London in 2009. In 2015 we've taken the course to Sicily, an ideal setting for practice, reflection, good conversations and connections over a glass of wine. 

Learning doesn't start and stop in Sicily. The training is designed as an end-to-end experience, starting in the here and now. Throughout the week, we use the raining itself as a way to illustrate new frameworks, apply tools and shoe the 'behind the scenes'. 

A learning journey will include:

  • Bespoke articles and videos to get ready at home

  • A mix of presentations, practice, feedback and reflection using a 'real' client brief over the 6 days
  • Joining our social media group to keep is touch to ask questions an share resources
  • A follow-up Skype call to coach you on applying your learning in your own setting

The course attracts senior managers from service providers, creative professionals and entrepreneurs, many of whom are looking for a new direction in their work. Both tutors regularly teach service design at Copenhagen Business School, University of the Arts London, Delft University of Technology and Politecnico di Milano.

 -- Jonas Piet and Vincenzo di Maria
Jonas Piet and Vincenzo di Maria
Jonas Piet
Jonas Piet - tutor and Service Design Lead at InWithForward

Jonas' expertise is deep prototyping, implementation and building new teams

Vincenzo di Maria
Vincenzo di Maria - tutor and co-founder of Common Ground

Vincenzo is a creative educator, a network catalyst and a native Sicilian