Chapter events - Ireland

The Service Design Network Ireland and Dublin UX are happy to deliver to you the fourth Service Design Drinks meetup!

For this fourth event SDN Ireland and Dublin UX have 3 amazing speakers keen to share their stories on Service Design:

Lynsey Duncan
Senior UX & Service Design Consultant
Twitter: @Lynsey_Duncan)

Talk: Designing for Service Failure  
Failure is inevitable and services fail for all kinds of reasons, human error, technical issues or even acts of God. No matter what the issue, what really matters is how the user is treated and how issues are resolved. Let’s discuss how companies can win at failing.

About: Lynsey Duncan
Lynsey works as a designer in that blurry intersection between products and services. Design research is her passion, using it to inform great experiences across all touchpoints.

In 2007, Lynsey started her career at live|work, the world’s first service design consultancy. Since then she has worked in-house for Orange and Ryanair, and also agency side for Each & Other where she helped design solutions for SSE, Permanent TSB, Zurich and many more.

Lynsey is currently bringing her design experience to Planet9, a start-up electricity supplier, where she hopes to influence the future of electricity supply and management.

Markus Hohl  
Managing Director Hellon London

Talk: Omnichannel prototyping in Service Design.
Building a prototype, like a 3d product mockup or an app say, is pretty easy. But prototyping a real service often involves social, physical and digital touchpoints all working together in unison and can be difficult to pull off. We have done quite a few of those at Hellon and happy to share our experience from diverse areas like healthcare, retail, banking and aviation.

About: Markus Hohl
Markus heads up the London office of Scandinavian Service Design agency Hellon. His speciality is service design and customer-centric transformation in large organisations. Clients he and Hellon London have been working with recently include Supervalu in Ireland, Dansk Bank in Northern Ireland and Bank of Ireland in Dublin.

Previously he was Head of Experience design at Orange Labs UK, creating future mobile based products & services for Orange’s 32 countries. Prior to that he was Head of Customer Centred Design at Telefonica O2 where he designed and introduced a double diamond design process for all of O2 UK’s consumer product portfolio, a 9-£figure annual investment.

Markus’ background is in product design and engineering. He has been teaching at the Royal College of Art, coaches organisations for the UK Design Council and lectures at Imperial Business School and Warwick Business School on Service Design.

Trevor Vaugh 
Programme director of MSc in Design Innovation Maynooth University
Twitter: @trevorvaugh  

Talk: A Realm of Pure Possibility
Transition is a 'process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another' and it offers an opportunity and the perfect conditions to make an impactful, positive and sometimes radical change. Design offers an excellent process and mindset to navigate complex transitions, but unfortunately most designers choose, or are forced to stay within a comfort zone or 'stick to the brief'. Through examples from design and innovation projects, I hope to demonstrate how this structureless and ambiguous period is actually “a realm of pure possibility”, and by taking advantage of this, we may be able to use it to push ourselves further to the   benefit of the products, services, society and organisations we seek to transform. 

About: Trevor Vaugh
Trevor is a member of design faculty at Maynooth University and the programme director of the award-winning MSc in Design Innovation. Through his consultancy practice Actionable, he works with senior leaders to tackle challenges, overcome barriers to growth and unlock the innovation potential of key talent.

Over his 15 year design and innovation career, Trevor has helped develop strategy, products and concepts for international clients like ASC, Olympus, J&J, Heineken, Covidien and Crate&Barrel. He has accumulated a portfolio of over 50 patents, invented new product categories and has helped disrupt markets. His work on single site surgery saw it named in the Cleveland clinic’s top 10 innovations of 2009. Having witnessed the potential of design to transform insight into investment, profit, human value and disruption, Trevor decided to enter academia to reflect on, study and teach this great discipline.

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