Chapter events - Ireland

The Service Design Network Ireland is happy to deliver to you the fifth Service Design Drinks meetup (and first in Cork)!

Dave Hall

Head of Design, Compliance and Risks 

Twitter: @_davidhall

Talk: Our hero: 

Storymapping the user experience How do we discover and map out the user’s journey through our products and services so that we can offer a great experience? Is there a way we can plan for obstacles that may prevent the user completing their goals? Storymapping is a tool for mapping out the user experience and creating empathy between the product team and the all-important user.

About Dave Hall

David is a seasoned designer who is focused on user experience, creativity and theories behind what makes art and design tick.He began his creative career as an advertising copywriter in the mid-1990s and became increasingly curious about how designers incorporated his one-liners into amazing visuals. Eventually, he co-opted a friendly designer named Ollie to be his teacher and learned how to make multicoloured images blink nauseatingly on screen. He quickly became hooked and taught himself an ancient form of HTML, the fundamentals of design and discovered god in the form of Paul Rand. After making a career change from ‘writer’ to a ‘designer who writes’, David worked in print and digital media, eventually setting up his own tiny graphic design studio that ran very successfully for seven years. He is currently Head of Design for C2P, where he helps create really useful SaaS solutions for some of the world’s biggest multinationals.

Rebecca Walsh 

Service Designer, Northern Ireland Innovation Lab

Twitter: @ink_consultancy

Talk: Collaborative Service Design

Coming from an engineering background, Rebecca is well versed in designing based on strict user requirements but through her time in the Northern Ireland Public Sector Innovation Lab, she has found that the best service design comes from collaboration and building networks.

About Rebecca Walsh

Rebecca has a background in Aeronautical Engineering with over 5 years’ experience in aerodynamic design and 7 years’ experience in innovation. Within the Innovation Lab Rebecca has worked on several projects including improvement of medicines adherence, system requirements for an online feedback system for Health and Social Care and improvement of recycling targets through service and product design. Rebecca loves going to the gym, running, travelling, making her own clothes and working as a STEM ambassador. 

Siobhán Hennessy

Head of Customer Experience, Musgrave Retail Partners

Talk: Ensuring Service Design Really Makes a Difference

Service Design is a relatively new way of working in many companies and as with any new approach, there are various components that need to be thought through in order for it to be fully adopted, and more importantly, really make a change to both company and customer levels. Siobhan has experience of introducing Service Design from scratch to in Retail and Banking in Ireland and will share her experience around the do's and don’ts, what's ensured progress was made, what hindered advancement. She will also demonstrate the approach and results from some of those projects.

About Siobhan Hennessy

Siobhan has a wealth of real world experience in the Customer Experience space. In her current role as Head of Consumer Experience at Musgraves she's responsible for increasing customer loyalty in both the Supervalu and Centra brands throughout Ireland. Prior to this, she coordinated the CX strategy and programme implementation for Bank of Ireland in the Irish market. Her experience during the previous 10 years related to setting up green field customer experience programmes in telcos, namely eir, Vodafone Ireland and AOL and Siobhan has also held various commercial marketing posts in telcos, services and publishing in Ireland, France, Spain and Chile. In the last 5 years, a huge amount of the focus of the customer experience programmes and strategies have been related to how services and products can be designed in a more user centric manner.