Chapter events - United States

June 1st is Service Design Day! This year's theme is “borderless” and we choose to show talks/films from around the world about Service Design.

June 1st is Service Design Day! Service design day is dedicated to service design enthusiasts, a worldwide event to bring together people from different background and disciplines. Together, we will celebrate service design, raise awareness and create impact in the world around us. This year's theme is “borderless” and we choose to show talks/films from around the world about Service Design.

Join us for the second annual Service Design DC / SDN movie night. SDN headquarters has once again made available the filmed sessions from the Global Conference in Madrid, and we hope you'll join us for viewings and a short moderated discussion around each. If it's anything like last year, the sessions AND our group's discussions were incredibly engaging.

Come and be a part of the conversation!

Doors open at 6:00 pm for networking and the program begins at 6:15 pm. Keep an eye out for a note updating the food and beverages we will have for the event.

-- 6:15 pm Documentary: Nordic Service Design [22 minutes] + Moderated Discussion

The SDN Nordic Chapters SDN Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden joined forces to develop a documentary that illustrates the value of service design. 'Nordic Service Design' showcases the most unique and forward-thinking work by Nordic service design practitioners and leaders. The film was screened in the form of a roadshow across the Nordic countries in January 2018

-- 7 pm Scaling Service Design in Government by Louise Downe [31 minutes] + Moderated Discussion

Like in many countries, the UK government is the nation’s oldest and largest service provider. Most people who work in government are involved, in some way, in delivering services. Everyone wants to help make the best service they can. But the very structure of government often works against them. Government is vast - and old. It is set up in siloes. It isn’t set up to deliver services. The challenge in government isn’t in convincing people of the value of service design. Or the value of building things for users. The challenge is linking people up so that they can work together and deliver joined-up end-to-end services that can be sustained over time. In this talk we’ll show how the approach of GDS and others to service design has changed over the past 5 years to tackle the next challenge for service design - scale and sustainability.

-- 7:45 The Designer's Weakness: Understanding the Role of Power by George Aye [19 minutes] + Moderated Discussion

As a designer working on a complex social issue, have you ever stopped to wonder where the power lies in your project? What has the client trusted you to do and for what audience? How does your place of power (as a creator and an individual) hinder your ability to relate to that client and audience? We often use power unknowingly in creative work. But, when we recognize the influence of our training, politics, access, and privilege we allow ourselves to understand our client, user, and abilities more deeply. During this intimate conversation, George Aye of Greater Good Studio will help us understand the mechanics of power and how to wield it with care.

- 8:30 Finish

We are looking forward to seeing you there.