Chapter events - Hungary

A service design event supported by SDN Hungary Chapter will go beyond the definition of service design - different industry good practices will show their results and share experiences.

Kamill Kószó
Kamill Kószó - SDN Hungary co-founder

Kamill will talk about designing a better intl student experience at METU.

László Ágoston
László Ágoston - SDN Hungary co-founder

László will hold the opening keynote speech on service design trends.

Péter Halácsy
Péter Halácsy - Prezi co-founder, Budpest School co-founder

Péter will hold the closing keynote of the conference.

Zsófia Rét
Zsófia Rét - SDN Hungary co-founder

Zsófia Rét will talk about the Telenor service design experiences together with Marietta Szinnyei-Ihász (New Way of Work, Transformation Lead).