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This bootcamp introduces you to co-design through dynamic and interactive workshops explaining how co-design is used within the service design process.

This two day boot camp introduces you to the fundamental skills in co-design. This will centre on developing the knowledge of how participatory design for mixed audiences can be developed and delivered through the facilitation of co-design workshops and events.

This high-energy two-day course will give you an insight into the core principles of co-design explaining how co-design is used within the service design process. You’ll get a whistle-stop tour of the tools used and with the help of our expert tutors, you’ll put your learning into practice straight away with a live brief project.

It covers:

  • How creativity works for both individuals and groups
  • Approaches to innovation that involve users and consumers
  • Examples and case studies
  • How prototyping contributes to the co-design process
  • The methods and value of prototyping in service design
  • Key methods of prototyping services
  • How to use prototyping in collaborative design processes
  • What graphic facilitation is and how to apply it in co-design
  • The key principles and approaches of co-design facilitation
  • How to communicate, document and report a co-design workshop

This is an innovative way of gaining new skills and knowledge through project based learning tackling live brief problems to focus on how service design can improve quality and get closer to the needs of citizens and customers.

Target Audience

This course will suit non-designers working in service industries as well as professionals interested in creative problem-solving approaches. This is relevant for those who wish to engage service users and communities in decision making through creative processes, and is most appropriate for those who already work professionally with such groups.

Entry Requirements

We do not recommend that you undertake this course without prior knowledge of Service Design Tools and Methods which can be obtained from the User Research and Tools and Methods bootcamp/unit(s).

Future Prospects

The Service Design Academy offers a range of Introductory Level Courses in Service Design including a PDA (Professional Development Award) in Service Design, accredited Units in service design disciplines and high energy two-day boot camps that will give you a whistle-stop tour of the tools as you put your learning into practice straight away with a live project brief.


This course is a basic, introductory level, there is no assessment but we do encourage you to reflect on your learning throughout the two days.


You will receive a College Certificate.

Nice to Know

  • Courses are in English
  • All times are UK time
  • This course is delivered on site at Dundee & Angus College
  • The course runs from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm, refreshments and lunch are provided
  • You will receive a course workbook and access to an online boot camp resource including videos
  • All videos are subtitled in English
  • You can join the Service Design Academy online community for future support from tutors and peers


Full details of our other bootcamps, joining the bootcamp as an accredited course, the PDA in Service Design, discounts and funding support is available here.


If you are using your ITA funding to part pay for this course please contact Alison Duncan at info@sda.ac.uk to book your place.