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As part of the PDA delivery in London, we are offering non-accredited training for 5 days. The 5 Day Accelerator contains a variety of approaches and methods. Whole workshops discussion, games, group activities, tutor lead discussion and partner work.

Public sector organisations and businesses across the world are bringing users’ knowledge and experiences into the design of new systems, processes and services. Viewing activities from user, rather than organisational perspectives helps create efficient, usable systems which reduce costs and increases compliance and satisfaction.

Our courses are designed for people to learn how to design around their customers. Trying out proven tools on real-life challenges, you’ll develop practical skills you can apply tomorrow in the workplace. You’ll leave with the know-how and confidence to use service design tools and drive change in the workplace.

The 5 Day Accelerator contains a variety of approaches and methods. Whole workshops discussion, games, group activities, tutor lead discussion and partner work.

Day 1: User Research and Problem Framing

Day 1 is all about scene setting. You will be introduced to Service Design, User Research and set a real-life wicked problem to tackle throughout the bootcamp.

Day 2: Define and Ideate

Day 2 is all about definition, understanding and dipping into ideation. The exercises and insights from Day 1 will support you and your team to reframe the wicked problem and will help you to visualise and identify where the gaps are.

Day 3: Co-Design

Day 3 is all about co-design. Now that you have a defined problem founded entirely on user research and you have been introduced to a toolkit for idea generation, you are ready to learn and practice co-design. You will be introduced to the key principles and elements of co-design, facilitation and the power of prototyping.

Day 4: Prototyping

Day 4 is all about participation and prototyping. You and your team will facilitate a co-design event running activities to co-design solutions in response to the wicked problem. Collating and analysing all of the insights and ideas gathered, you and your team will now start to prototype solutions.

Day 5: User Testing and Presentations

Day 5 is all about iterations, user testing and final presentations. You and your team will take your prototypes onto the streets. Testing your solutions in reality to break, improve and hone in on a final prototype to present.

Little Extras

Reflection Sessions – throughout the accelerator, there will be organised time for personal and collaborative reflections. During this time, it is your opportunity to absorb learning and think about how you might apply your learning to your own organisation on Monday.

Organisational workshop – an opportunity for you to share and discuss your organisational wicked problems with the facilitators and fellow participants

Social event – there will be a social event on the evening of Day 4 with guest speakers. An opportunity to connect with the wider Service Design community and mingle with your fellow participants outside of the ‘classroom’.

Our course leaflet is available to download here

Future Prospects

Students can progress to the PDA in Service Design


This course is a basic, introductory level, there is no assessment but we do encourage you to reflect on your learning throughout the 5 days.


You will receive a College Certificate.

Nice to Know

  • Courses are in English
  • All times are UK time
  • This course is delivered offsite (London)
  • The course runs from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, refreshments and lunch are provided
  • You will receive a course workbook and access to an online boot camp resource including videos
  • All videos are subtitled in English
  • You can join the Service Design Academy online community for future support from tutors and peers
  • Participants regularly take photos of the materials they produce and a mobile device is recommended to capture meaningful moments

Course Fees

The course fee is £2,600 - you can access further fees and funding information here.


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