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Calling all service designers! Now is the time to ready yourself for the Service Design Global Conference which features two full days of great talks, panel discussions and workshops, all taking place in the dynamic capital of Denmark. Taking place October 22-23, 2020 with exclusive pre-conference events on October 21, this is event is assuredly not to be missed.


The Content

The Service Design Global Conference 2020 (SDGC20) delivers the most mission-critical news, knowledge, and best practice insights designed to take your practice to the next level. From keynote addresses, panel discussions, breakout sessions and masterclass offering—attending SDGC20 is a must for all practitioners, students, academics and engaged stakeholders who want to ensure they stay on the cutting-edge of the industry.  

The Conference Theme: Shaping Tomorrow
The services and systems we design today shape the experiences and the world of tomorrow—whether explicit, subtle, or even ignorant or unaware. Service design plays a crucial role in creating the positive changes we want to see in the world and addressing key questions relevant to any business or organization. How are we intentionally designing services to shape the world we want to live in? How are we generating positive, measurable, human and planet-centric impact? How do we drive profits, growth, and sustainability? How do we ensure what we’re creating is ethical? Join us for the 13th annual Service Design Global Conference in Copenhagen, where we will explore how the field of service design is evolving to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, with the intent to shape businesses, communities, and the planet, with design.

The Attendees

SDGC20 offers an interactive environment where participants proactively create opportunities to share knowledge and cross-disciplinary research that leads to innovation.

Join the more than 800 international attendees who come from over 42 different countries at the leading, annual event geared towards service design professionals. Committed to the global growth and development of the practice, this event brings the great thinkers and doer’s of the industry together to share experiences, knowledge and ideas that can lead to positive change across both public and private sectors.

The Venue

A throwback to the golden age of rail travel is what awaits you when you enter,

Lokomotivværkstedet, the impressive location selected for our 2020 global conference. Construction of this vintage locomotive workshop began in 1907 in response to the high level of train traffic in and out of Denmark. Today, this rough and rustic locale makes for an environment teeming with creativity and imagination, thereby setting the perfect stage for our upcoming event.

The Tickets


***Special notice***

At the SDN, we have always prided ourselves on being a company that values in-person connections and building community through events, and we feel it is our duty to support our shared community in any way we can. For this reason, we are guaranteeing a 100% refund on your ticket for the Service Design Global Conference 2020 in the event we find ourselves in the unfortunate position where we must cancel our conference due to COVID-19.

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Profit from two jam-packed days of learning, including best-practices, hands-on workshops, and insights in the newest trends! 

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It is important to note that we will continue to monitor the current situation concerning COVID-19 and will rely on the latest updates and recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) to guide any potential changes or alterations we might need to make to our plans. We stand by our commitment to you and again,  guarantee a 100% refund on your ticket in the event we find ourselves in the unfortunate position where we must cancel our conference.

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