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The Service Design Köln Meet-up is a initiative of the Service Design Network to strengthen the local community in and around Cologne. Save the date! This month's topic: Collaborative story telling with role playing game. More information will be announced soon.

The Service Design Köln Meet-up s an initiative of the Service Design Network and designed to strengthen the local service design community in and around Cologne. The event will be held on regular basis to address service design-related topics, publications and more. The goal is to combine German and English language to integrate both the local and international communities in Cologne. Join us and enjoy an evening full of important insights, networking opportunities, and of course, wine and snacks. 

This month's topic: Collaborative story telling with role playing game. Join us in Cologne on September 23rd 2019 to discuss how to apply gamification to design workshops to increase empathy, creativity, and collaboration. Bonus: a hands-on activity where participants can build their own character, living in the year 2035! 


What if sharing in-depth research and future forecasting with your clients was fun, and effective? In this talk we’ll present a new take on the familiar design workshop. This method leverages game design strategy for collaborative storytelling, teamwork, and increased empathy. 

It reminds us that not every workshop needs to use brainstorming sessions, canvases, or post-its to achieve their goal of strong ideas and new perspectives. Rather, that often the greatest benefit can be derived from an alternative method that brings everyone to the same page and provides the time and space to play via collaborative future envisioning.

We’ll look at how to showcase complex bodies of research to clients in an *actually* fun and engaging way, and present 3 key take-aways for injecting much-needed play into your product design process. 

Kokaew Wongpichet
Kokaew Wongpichet - Denkwerk

Ko Wongpichet is a UX designer /Service designer at denkwerk. She has extensive experience in different fields; from industrial design, branding, advertising before finally landed on service design and user experience. She aspires to service design methodology and research as they tackle invisible challenges, making it tangible and accessible to the people.

Molly Oberholtzer
Molly Oberholtzer - Denkwerk

Molly Oberholtzer is a service, UX, and game designer at denkwerk. Her experience includes design research and using design methods to improve experiences in areas ranging from healthcare to professional development training. Through combining pedagogy and design, she looks to foster learning moments and interactions that often translate into playful or subversive activities. She is currently playing Pyre and is always open to a new game suggestion.

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