Chapter events - Hungary

#1.First swallows (programs from the past 5 yrs) of Hungarian service design. #2.Telenor & SD: The story of Telenor's relation to service design.

We held our first event with more than 80 participants, which is a great success especially in the middle of August!

In the 1st part of our event there were 5 programs introduced to the audience. All these programs were targeting service designers and wannabe service designers supporting them in their professional progress. Thanked to these initiatives we could draw the earlier progression of Hungarian service design from the past 5 years. Respect to the pioneers! 

In the 2nd part there were 3 representatives of Telenor Hungary presenting their relation to service design. We're lucky to have Alexandra Reich (CEO, Telenor) as a co-founder, she actively participated and gave an outstanding speech about business driven service design. Having her giving an enthusiastic speech was a unique moment and an unprecedented fact for the Hungarian meetup scene as well. Otherwise the honest and professional way Telenor Hungary opened up its complex relation to service design was extremely valuable for everyone who is interested in service design in any way.


Alexandra Reich
Alexandra Reich - CEO @ Telenor

Marietta Szinyei-Ihász
Marietta Szinyei-Ihász - HCD Lead @ Telenor

Tamas Fogarassy
Tamas Fogarassy - SxD by Mome

Tamas Puski
Tamas Puski - SD Drinks, Self-Study group

Tamas Turi
Tamas Turi - BLD (Business Love Design)

Zsolt Bátorfi
Zsolt Bátorfi - SD Lead @ Telenor