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Understand the principles and applications of open innovation and how it can unlock radical innovation, live online with Dr Nick de Leon and London & Partners.

The open innovation masterclass will introduce you to the principles of open innovation. It will equip you with the critical tools required to take a more outward and open approach to generating ideas, transformation and growth.Through leveraging this masterclass, mid-level professionals from any business function or size can accelerate their innovation ambitions by harnessing the foundational understanding of the core principles that underpin open innovation and its role in business transformation.

The collaboration between the RCA and London & Partners provides a theoretical overview of open innovation that is grounded in real world case studies, with access to invited guest speakers from London who will share their experience of using open innovation to transform their business. You will have the opportunity to receive invites to future RCA and London & Partners events.

As companies and organisations have struggled to adapt to the fallout of the Covid-19 crisis, many have turned to open innovation. Open innovation allows organisations to stay relevant and remain competitive by looking beyond their internal boundaries to co-develop new products, services and processes with users, communities and customers. It is a vital tool you can use to bring ideas into your organisation, discover new markets and retain an edge over your competitors.


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9:30am–1pm GMT per session22 & 23 November 2021

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Multi-coloured Hallway, Barcelona, Spain by Efe Kurnaz (@efekurnaz) unsplashed
Multi-coloured Hallway, Barcelona, Spain by Efe Kurnaz (@efekurnaz) unsplashed

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