Chapter events - United States

We are very proud and excited to offer you (what we hope will be only the first in a series) an innovation safari! We'll spend the afternoon learning and visiting prototyping facilities at CFA!

Atlanta is a treasure trove of innovative service brands. At Service Design Atlanta we have decided to connect our members with as many such brands as possible.

According to the Harris Poll's 2018 ranking, Chick-fil-A is at the top of the most-liked companies. It is also a case study for the adoption, enterprise-wide, of an innovation process.

The detailed schedule will follow, but here's a preview of the fantastic activities we'll include:
We'll meet with Michael McCathren, the Innovation Lead at Chick-fil-A, who will present on the cultural adoption of the innovation process.

This safari is scheduled so that you go to work in the morning and then drive to the Chick-fil-A's Support Center and spend the afternoon learning.

We are opening 20 spots for the Safari. However, Meetup won't show this limit on the invite.
Please RSVP now!
Until September 14, we'll confirm all RSVPs from paying Service Design Network members.
Meetup members can RSVP, of course, but we won't confirm their spot until September 14. Because of the need to be able to trust RSVPs, we'll prioritize Meetup members that have already attended our meetings before and have been in our group longer.
More details to come.