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Join the Design Thinking and Innovation Masterclass for professionals with Professor Jeremy Myerson and Adrian Westaway. Access world-class expertise and strategies to put design thinking and innovation into practice.

Design Thinking and Innovation

Design Thinking and Innovation

The RCA teaches design thinking, training designers who go on to lead global brands worldwide as creative directors and CEOs. In contrast to standard, linear approaches that build on tested models, design thinking is creatively structured, analytic and responsive. It draws in diverse disciplines and multiple areas of expertise and exploration, starting with the core premise that everything is a design problem.

Through the application of this informed analysis within business-driven, public-facing and community-centred contexts, design thinking can produce innovation, which in turn enables brands to remain competitive in changing markets.

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Programme team

Programme team

Professor Jeremy Myerson is the first-ever Helen Hamlyn Chair of Design at the Royal College of Art, with a remit to encourage 'design that improves quality of life'. An academic, author and activist in design for more than 35 years, he began his working life as a journalist and was founder-editor of Design Week in 1986. He co-founded the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the RCA in 1999, and his research interests focus on the role of design in social, demographic and technological change. He was director of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design from 1999 to October 2015.

A graduate of the RCA, Jeremy Myerson is the author of many books, chapters, papers and articles on people-centred and inclusive design. He is also director of the WORKTECH Academy, a visiting fellow at the Oxford Institute for Population Ageing, and sits on the advisory boards of design institutes in Hong Kong, Switzerland and Korea.

Adrian Westaway is an inventor, engineer and experience designer on a mission to make the human-technology interaction meaningful and delightful.

As co-founder of Special Projects he harnesses technology, inclusive research and magic thinking to devise design propositions that feel familiar yet wondrous. A self-taught magician since the age of 11 and full member of the Magic Circle, he relentlessly pursues his conviction that 'designers should use magic thinking and try to introduce surprise, delight and fuzzy feeling in the things they create'.

His contagious passion for magic and engineering made him a beloved tutor and lecturer in Design & Innovation at Queen Mary University and the Royal College of Art in London and a visiting faculty member at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. There he teaches 'Magic and Design', a nomadic workshop where students are introduced to methods of using design and technology to create enchanted products and experiences.

Personal and organisational benefits

Personal and organisational benefits

The benefits to you and your organisation include:

  • access to global best practice in design process and thinking.
  • experience new strategies to put innovation into practice.
  • return to your organisation with greater ability to work collaboratively.
  • experience critical, creative and insightful thinking.
  • practice ideation and visualisation skills to realise design innovations.
  • learn empathic understanding of users / customers.
  • interact and network with peers from different backgrounds and functions.

How will I learn?

Learning takes place in groups of up to 25 participants, including:

  • two extended lectures
  • two three-hour workshops

What will I learn?

You will learn:

  • an introduction to design thinking.
  • real-world applications of design thinking and its outcomes.
  • strategies for sharpening innovation thinking, evaluating and prioritising ideas.
  • strategies for exploring alternative positions and improving decision making.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in transforming their organisation through the application of design thinking for innovation, including:

  • in-house R&D teams across all sectors
  • public-sector and third-sector business innovation teams
  • innovation directors
  • senior business managers
  • sales and marketing teams
  • policy makers
  • entrepreneurs

Course duration: one day, structured over two half-days

Day one: starts after lunch at 1pm and finishes at 5.30pm

Location: Design Museum

Day two: starts at 9.30am and finishes at 1.30pm. At the end of day two there will be an invitation to join a student-led tour of the RCA design studios.

Location: RCA Kensington

Fee: £900
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