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Trust is the most valuable--yet vulnerable--currency of any organization. In this workshop, Openbox will lead individuals in applying trust to challenges and opportunities in their own organizations.

We will apply five core principles of trust: 

1. Give your customers a seat at the table

2. Be ahead of the curve on transparency

3. Know what you don't do as well as what you do

4. Don't look at what everyone else is doing 

5. Create more value than you capture

During this workshop, we will provide:

- overview of human-centered design

- exposure to principles for trust

- practice with ideation and protoyping

- networking with peers in the healthcare sector


2:30pm-4:30pm Workshop

4:30pm-5:30pm Social Hour  

About Openbox

Openbox is a human-centered design studio in New York City. We design for trust with a focus on transforming culture from the inside out to help companies bring innovative products and services to market. 


Jamie Munger

Jamie Munger is Design Director at Openbox. Prior to joining Openbox, Jamie co-founded the design strategy and research firm, Emergent Design, where she helps clients uncover insights, define business opportunities and test new ideas in the field. She has also worked as an in-house designer at companies like SC Johnson and the North Face. Jamie holds a double Masters of Design of and MBA from IIT Institute of Design.

Ashley Lukasik 

Ashley Lukasik leads Strategic Partnerships at Openbox and is an 1871 mentor. She champions a holistic model for projects from pre-engagement to full implementation and storytelling. Ashley spent eight years a the Director of Corporate Relations and Communications at IIT Institute of Design. Ashley holds a Masters of Social Science from the University of Chicago and ran a startup company that licensed UChicago medical technology.