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Service Design is a field of practice in which many different disciplines come together to design delightful experiences and deliver user-centered solutions to people. The large adoption of tools and methods, used in the service design process by companies and organizations, rises the need to understand how and why to use it. In this 2 days workshop, the participants0 will learn the basic principles and elements to be considered while designing a service.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand basics concepts on design services such as: Satisfaction unit, Service Stakeholders and Design Facilitation tools.
  • Be capable on applying certain methods and tools used in Service Design projects like: User Journey, Service Storyboard and Service Prototyping.
  • Comprehend the role of a Service Designer in a project and how it relates to other stakeholders.


Content Overview

The workshop will offer a short and intense experience on designing a Service from capturing the insights till producing artifacts that communicate the service features and details. It is structured in inputs about concepts, input on exercise and practice. Besides, some real cases will be shown.

Mauro Rego
Mauro Rego -

Mauro Rego works as Freelancer Lead Service and Interface Designer. Since 9 years, he designs brands, digital services and products for startups and organizations like Tesco, Allianz and Wikimedia Foundation. Before he has worked as in-house designer for Telekom and SAP. Besides crafting, Mauro has an 8 years professional teaching experience. He has been teaching as a guest lecture Service & Interface Design at the Köln International School of Design, Design Thinking for companies at the Professional Track of the HPI Academy and Visual Thinking at Wired Campus. Together with a team of design enthusiasts, he’s running Service Design Berlin, a non-profit initiative for professionals.

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