Chapter events - United States

There's a new player in the world of service design books, and it's extraordinary. Come discuss it with your fellow Service Design DC members!

Entitled "This Is Service Design Doing," this practitioner's handbook is a rich collection of how-to's, methods and case studies from across the globe. From the back cover: "This book gives you a comprehensive introduction to the overall design of services (actually, of any product), detailed step-by-step descriptions of all the main activities, hands-on instructions for the most important service design tools and methods, as well as many case studies of applied service design from all over the world." Written by four primary authors and 96 co-authors, it's is a resource like no other.

Get yourself a copy, meet us for a beer, and let's mine its gems together.

*You need not have read the whole book to participate. It's 500+ pages. If you can, though, try to read the first chapter, "Why Service Design?" It's a mere 20 pages.