Chapter events - New Zealand

Please join us to hear Nic Johnson, Head of Strategy at Southern Cross, talking about how to deliver value through service design.

We all agree that service design (or any other type of design) is about delivering value to end customers through better experiences. But experiences don’t happen in a vacuum. Great experiences have to be carefully planned and orchestrated. Behind every great experience there will be a lot happening in the background, from supporting systems and processes to carefully trained staff. All of this takes a lot of effort and investment.

Service Design is about aligning the needs of both service providers and end users, ensuring that value is delivered to both sides. This presentation will discuss the challenge of understanding the value for the various stakeholders involved and the ability to balance what can at times be very diverse perspectives.

5:30pm – 6:00pm: arrival, drinks and snacks served

6:00pm – 6:30pm: presentation followed by Q&A

6:30pm – 7:00pm: networking and some more drinks

7:00pm – close