About Zafer Bilda, PhD

Zafer Bilda, PhD
London | United Kingdom

10+ years experience helping businesses design new and engaging services, desirable products, and drive innovation through strategic design.

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I have lectured/ trained University students on HCD and service design, supervised and mentored colleagues on multiple concurrent projects. During my academic career, I have published over 40 research papers and presented my work in the US, Europe and Australia. I have done my PhD degree in Architecture studying the role of mental imagery in conceptual designing. During my Post-doc, I have studied the audience experience of interactive artworks collaborating with artists, technologists, art curators and interaction designers to develop a psychological model for creative engagement.

Zafer Bilda, PhD
Service Designer

Zafer’s interest in Service Design

Service experience strategy, research insights, storyboards and video narratives, experience principles/ DNA, establishing an aspired/ future state customer journey

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