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Vickey Charles
Adelaide | Australia

SDGC19 Speaker Vickey Charles

Vickey Charles The Australian Centre for Social Innovation, Social Innovator - Families and Aboriginal Cultural Connections

Aunty Vickey Charles (The Australian Centre for Social Innovation) is an Alawa/Mara woman. Raising awareness of Aboriginal Australia through her work in the Not for Profit and Government sector. Recently Aunty Vickey has supported the facilitation of self-determined innovation approaches to reduce Aboriginal overrepresentation in justice and child protection systems as well as facilitating a co-design process with two regional Aboriginal communities in South Australia.



'Furthering Self-Determination: Building Bridges Through Co-Design'


Innovation and co-design have a role to play in working towards equity. A big part of that includes taking a hard look at the effects of colonisation, building bridges that restore power balances, and furthering self-determination. In this talk, we want to share some approaches that we’ve found helpful in fostering meaningful bridges. These approaches are informed by learning in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through design projects.

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