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Valentina Uralova
Moscow | Russian Federation

Customer Experience & Marketing Strategy, Innovation management, Service Design Trainigs

Valentina is passionate about... design and culture, service design thinking, innovation, strategic, employee experience, service strategies, service innovation, service architecture, customer experience, customer service and user-driven innovation

Valentina Uralova INEX service design, Moscow

Co-founder and partner of INEX Service Design,

Founder of Service Design Network in Russia.

More than 20 years in strategic marketing and customer experience.

An expert in the development and implementation of successful client strategies, innovation and implementation of a system for managing the experience of clients and employees since 2007.

Professional business coach (ICF) and trainer. 

Author and trainer of service design  programs for the Startup Academy of Skolkovo Business School, "Leaders of Russia", Service Design Academy Ukraine.

To me, service design means...

Service design is a system of development and transformation of people's lives - creating value in society, business through the development of a new cultural paradigm and redesign of products and services. Continuous innovation.

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Rebranding largest chain of coffee houses in Russia "Shokocoladnitsa"

Rebranding largest chain of coffee houses in Russia "Shokocoladnitsa"

"Shokoladnitsa" is one of the largest and most dynamically developing companies in the field of restaurant business in Moscow, Russian regions and CIS countries.

At present, there are about 400 "Shokoladnitsa" coffee houses in Russia - Every month, more than 2.5 million people visit and drinking about 2 million cups of coffee.

The company was faced with the task of preserving its permanent audience and attracting a younger one, as well as radically changing the experience of customers to spend more time and create new experiences.

We did rebranding together with the branding agency «Smart Heart» - our responsibility was for the development and implementation of the CX-strategy and the concept of customer experience in detail (menu, model of work for staff/ waiters, scenarios, space, etc.)

New life for a popular coffee houseINEX service design
 Standards of internal service - the basis of care for employees in the food retail

Standards of internal service - the basis of care for employees in the food retail

"Pyaterochka" is a Russian chain of food convenience stores.

In December 2019, the 15,000th supermarket network opened, more than 200,000 employees

We developed a new standard of internal services for employees, which helped to find answers to questions: What 20% of changes will maximize staff satisfaction in stores?

What should be the format of the service standard for staff so that it is a clear and guiding principle for any employee - from a sales clerk to a store director when interacting within the company and with its customers?

We have implemented an Audit of customer experience in solving problematic issues with the network.

Analysis of calls, responses in the books of complaints and suggestions, processing requests on the site.

A study of existing processes and principles of working with feedback in stores - identifying barriers and contradictions.

Build CJM AS IS and TO BE to develop customer communications.

Formation of requirements for the development of processes, services, knowledge and skills of employees for the development of the system.

Internal customers are the most importantINEX service design
Digital and client-centric transformation of processes in Gazpromneft

Digital and client-centric transformation of processes in Gazpromneft

"Gazpromneft"- a Russian oil company producing and refining oil, is one of the leaders in the Russian oil industry in terms of efficiency.

We helped launch a digital laboratory of user experience for the redesign of all business processes of the direction, taking into account the needs of internal customers.

Change in internal communications and roles in the development of cross-functional processes.

Development of a process and methodology for conducting projects and changing products, processes and services for internal customers; introduction of service design as a paradigm of development and increased efficiency.

In large systems, small experiments can change everythingINEX service design

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